May 19, 2016 trevor

AMA – Dr Ellen Selkon – TopChatt

AMA stands for ‘Ask Me Anything’. This is a series of candid interviews our CEO Trevor Topfer will be conducting with business owners, sports-people, industry experts and the like which we will call TopChatt. We hope to release one every month or two throughout the next 12 months. If you like the concept and footage, please leave a comment and let us know who you would like us to interview!

Our inaugural AMA is with leading Cosmetic Physician, Dr Ellen Selkon. Dr Ellen Selkon and Trevor discuss a broad range of topics from gun-fights in South Africa, the perils of cheap Botox, and even Donald Trump! Watch the video. Feel free to share and/or subscribe to our YouTube channel – we’d love to feel the love. Enjoy.

Keywords: Dr Ellen Selkon, TopChatt, Trevor Topfer

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