May 9, 2016 trevor

You Now Have to Wait 7 Days Before You Can Have Botox/Dysport or Surgery – Cooling Off Period Introduced.

There’s been some big changes to the Cosmetic Industry in Australia recently with the introduction of a Cooling-Off Period for Cosmetic Procedures including Botox/Dysport Injections. Now young people (under 18) seeking Cosmetic procedures will be required to have an assessment by a psychiatrist (or similar) and wait 3 months before being able to undertake the procedure.  For adults it will be up to 7 days before being able to undertake the procedure. So the idea is that you are now consulted by a doctor (at least by video) before having the procedure and then have to go away and spend some time thinking about the procedure. Further, the Doctor will now have to take full responsibility for post-procedure care. Clinics will also not be able to offer payment plans or financial incentives/assistance to undertake the procedure.

These new laws are designed to take measures toward regulating an industry that is pretty much unregulated and out-of-control. The industry has boomed over the past decade with unprecedented growth spurring a decline in standards as clinics strive to push through higher volumes of patient numbers and generate massive profits. Finally, we are seeing some action being taken to help improve patient safety and hopefully, improve the standards throughout the industry.

It will be interesting to see what impact these changes will have on the industry and how far reaching they will become. Will New Zealand adopt something similar? How will this impact commonplace ‘payment plans’ such as the Amerase program offered by New Zealand’s Caci Clinics. We’d love to get a conversation started on this topic with opinions from both the general public and those who work in or own clinics. Add you comment below or share on Facebook.

Here’s the original article by the Sydney Morning Herald

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