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The Tools to Get More from Your Clinic

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We can review the following areas of your business to help the clinic run more efficiently, improve both internal and external Marketing and increase the overall profitability.

Clinical Records Management and Software

Often the world’s most advanced and expensive systems aren’t required for the effective management of a cosmetic medical practice. We have several systems we recommend depending on the size and requirements of your business. We do not receive any endorsements from the makers of these systems and are continually revising new systems as they come onto the market to ensure we know the pro’s and con’s of as many systems in the market as possible (though we make no claims that we know every system). Making sure all your systems are as integrated as possible can also reduce costs and create better efficiency within the clinic.

Internal Marketing

The core of every clinic is the patient journey. From discovering you, booking, attending the clinic, the consultation, the treatment, payment and follow-up are all stages your clients experience at your business. these stages are all opportunities that define your clinic’s patient journey and will most definitely affect the success and ultimately profitability of your clinic.

Clinical Consultation

The Consultation is arguably the most important opportunity you have to maximise your patient satisfaction. Using proven consultation techniques can differentiate your staff and clinic from the competition, whilst providing the best possible outcomes for the client and maximise profitability for the clinic. Never underestimate the power of a well executed consultation, no matter how long you have been doing it!

Clinic Marketing

There are a million ways to skin a cat! Sometimes it seems like opportunities to market your business change so often it can be daunting (not to mention expensive) trying to figure out what will work. Many new clients often come to us with the same catch-cry – “I can’t afford marketing spend”. Our response is always the same, “You can’t afford NOT to Market your business”. We are also a small business and we understand the need for positive ROI on marketing. Very few businesses can afford to market just for the sake of it. We all need our valuable marketing dollars to generate a positive return. We can look at both physical and digital marketing opportunities and help you devise a sensible, positively geared marketing strategy.

How Much Does it Cost?

Business Reviews start at $500 for a site visit, staff interviews, systems review and report. The report is designed to provide you with relevant recommendations to improve the efficiency and profitability of your clinic. For new business, larger clinics or multi-site operations, Business Reviews are charged at our normal hourly rate of $165/hour (+GST).

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