Effective Patient Consultation Techniques

for Doctors, Nurses, Dermal & Beauty Therapists

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The difference between a successful, highly profitable clinic and the rest is in the art of the Client Consultation. Whilst retaining a medical focus, the skilled clinician can incorporate some subtle, effective sales techniques to increase their average customer spend and improve their client repeat-rate. Best of all, robust data shows that clients actually value a thorough clinically-focused consultation that educates them about their options. So by giving a thorough and systematic client consultation, not only are you improving customer satisfaction and trust, you’ll streamline your internal marketing processes with up-sells and cross-sells, generating profitability like you wouldn’t believe.

Taking the time to talk through the ageing process with a patient and outlining the options available specific to their concerns is really a baseline in customer service. Effectively discussing a patients options will have an immediate and positive impact on both client satisfaction and clinic profitability.

Topcatt CEO Trevor Topfer has over 10 years in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing (working for the largest pharma companies in the world) including Allergan – the makers of Botox and Juvederm – as a successful Business Development Manager throughout QLD, Australia. He has also been a part-owner of a prominent Remuera-based Cosmetic Medical Clinic where he was responsible for the staff training and internal marketing of the Clinic. During his successful career, he has undertaken many Advanced Sales Courses and Personality Courses including world-famous programmes such as Rogen, DISC, and Meyers-Briggs. Using his highly refined selling techniques, coupled with a complete understanding of both facial anatomy, aesthetics and physiology, he is uniquely able to offer proven sales techniques to healthcare professionals from Doctors, Nurses through to Dermal and Beauty Therapists.

Book a training session with Trevor today for your staff and watch the revenue of your clinic grow immediately. Clinic training starts at $500 (+GST) for a 1/2 day training. Training can be done in-clinic or off-site. Call 0224 867 228 to speak with Trevor directly.

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